What’s New

Intensive Collagen Restructuring Therapy

1 hr 30 mins

Combining safe and effective radio frequency technology with Custom-Blended therapeutic essences. This regenerating treatment is designed to stimulate circulation and enhance skin firmness by renewing cells from deep within the dermal layers. A beautifully hydrating collagen mask competes the experience restoring depleted collagen and leaving the skin smooth, soft and gloriously vibrant.

OxyBright Facial Treatment

1 hr 45 mins
Incorporates the benefits of “skin breathing” to comprehensively boost energy and give skin a completely refreshed look, letting skin diffuse an authentically natural luster. 
- Uses enzyme mask gently remove stubborn and aged cuticle cells 
- Utilizes the latest in hyperbaric oxygen technology. Every inch of skin is saturated with oxygen, transferring active nutrients directly to skin cells
- Uses the signature Custom-Blended Green Tea Collagen Mask to provide a seemingly endless supply of moisture

Porcelain Firming Treatment

1 hr 45 mins

The new Porcelain Firming Treatment to repair and return skin to its natural, silky-smooth and glowing white complexion. Using energy stones, the skin's delicate balance of energy is restored. In combination with [Custom-blended Skincare] Essences, this new hot and cold energy stone therapy creates a sublime massage. The light massage, in particular from the cooler stones, promotes the skin's ability to retain in nutrition and provides soothing relief from the intense heat of summer. The treatment helps lift facial contours, tightens pores and creates a healthy, porcelain-like radiance that shows through clear, flawless skin.