Extra Care

In line with MTMs customized approached to skincare we provide a comprehensive range of booster and mini treatments to complement and enhance our treatment benefits and ensure all your skincare needs are met and that you get the very best results every time.

Face Booster


Bio-light Active Regenerating Treatment

30 mins

This therapy is specially designed to reverse the look of aging to leave your skin glowing with youthful luminosity.  Through this treatment, wrinkles are repaired and loose skin is firmed to its former elasticity so that you may look and feel thoroughly rejuvenated. 

Mini-Diamond Peeling Treatment

30 mins

Repairs winkles and loose skin, restores skin elasticity, and achieves a youthful and luminous skin.

Pure Oxygen Injection & Mask

30 mins

Improves blood circulation and firms and revives skin entirely.



Hand Paraffin

30 mins

Nourishing treatment.