Remove "panda eye" "break black" wipe bright eyes



MTM eye repair group adhering to the Custom-Blended the amount of skin care concept, repel black eye, eyeprint, eye week skin and pigment four big problems,Inject new and effective ingredients, and cooperate with the raw liquid, for different causes of "panda eye", completely "black break", a wipe bright eyes.

Inhibit melanin
Eye Lotion contains plenty of hydrolysis of European plum essence, inhibit melanin transfer to cuticle formation, blocking the black eye, effectively to improve the pigment based black eye, make eye skin firm and bright.

Improve circulation and brighten skin tone
Eye lotion also contains artichoke leaf extract can improve oxygen in cells, prevent photoaging and free radicals; arnica extract can improve blood circulation, because hemoglobin precipitation and the formation of black eye; and ginseng essence helps to accelerate the eye cell metabolism, improve skin immunity, reduce the light and dark eye sockets pigment problems.


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