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The Discovery of White  Special-use cosmetics
Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas
, a whitening collection that has been officially approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan and strictly approved by China food and Drug Administration. as Special-use cosmetics, the product formulation, ingredients’ dosage, specification and proportion, quality control, are all meticulously regulated. It leads to a new vision of whitening aesthetics while paying the highest respect to product safety.

Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas
With excellent levels of safety and an efficacy proven under precise authentication procedures, this collection with its key ingredient, Tranexamic Acid, fights melanin in a double action. The skin is protected in a comprehensive manner. The formation of pigmentation and freckles is prevented, progressively restores the ultimate source of fairness in the skin, a state of purified, flawless beauty.

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