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Remove "panda eye", "break black", wipe bright eyes

MTM eye repair group adhering to the Custom-Blended the amount of skin care concept, repel black eye, eyeprint, eye week skin and pigment four big problems,Inject new and effective ingredients, ...

[ Custom-Blended Skincare ] , healthy foundation of skin

MTM has carefully presents the Custom-Blended Authentic Beauty Sets that are specially designed to moisturize the dryness from early autumn while restore skin from summer spot, prevent sensitive...

Unveiling the Secrets of Skin Cells Original State of Pure Fairness is Ultimately Restored

The new Custom-Blended Re-White Treatment is designed to amplify the benefits of our Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially authenticated as a Quasi-dr...

[ Custom-Blended Skincare ] White

The Discovery of White Special-use cosmetics Custom-Blended Re-White Formulas, a whitening collection that has been officially approved by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan a...

Authentic Beauty • The Symphony of Spring

When winter makes way for spring, the subtle scent of blooming flowers awakens nature like a breath of fresh air. The spring climate fluctuates between warm and cold, with rapid changes in h...

Custom-Blended Intensive Collagen Restructuring Therapy Series

Combining safe and effective radio frequency technology with Custom-Blended therapeutic essences. This regenerating treatment is designed to stimulate circulation and enhance skin firmness by re...

敏感季 • 安心肌

Enjoy exclusive privilege of signature skincare products: Originated from the unique Japanese skincare concept , MTM develops products in Japan. Through professional analysis and assessment,...

Women's Day

Facial Treatments / Spa Services • Free trial of Custom-Blended Eye Mask (valued at ¥140) • Enjoy 30% off on first trial of facial treatment / spa service